List of 5 best Irish wrestlers

Every year at the end of each wrestling season, the organizers and sponsors of the competition make tough decisions. Namely – make a rating of the best. Solutions only at first glance seem easy. In fact, everything is much more complicated.

There is a strong need for a sound assessment of all factors. Factors are different – wrestling performance time, strength, motivation, preparation, complexity, and a number of techniques. All this takes a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, the annual lists of the best – are a serious matter. Many wrestling fans from all over the world often wonder – what makes wrestling catchy. Ordinary staged show. Sometimes there is no intrigue. Invented techniques.

The connection with reality is lost. Headlines like this are familiar. But still, millions of fans annually devote their time to watching fights. Something grabs them. Now we invite you to better understand the sports world of wrestling. Who became the best in the new season is the most important question.

The great sports birth history

There is an opinion that wrestling is an artificially invented sport. The foundations of the modern look originate from traditional wrestling and circus duels. Not without carnival tricks. It turned out to be an interesting combination of the extraordinary.

In the middle of the 20th century, the USA became the place where the sport developed. Wrestling shows were especially popular. It was then those small wrestling federations began to appear. 1948 – the year of the establishment of the National Alliance.

After 15 years, the organizers officially held the first fight. The prize is the title of champion. Since then, the events have become annual and frequent. Moreover, television and other media undertook to help.

Wrestling has become one step with boxing and other popular disciplines. From the 90s to the present, the Alliance became known as World Wrestling Entertainment.

Athletes of all times and peoples

The 90s of the 20th century contributed to rapid wrestling growth. Modern discipline has been perfectly preserved. It was from that time that the organizers established the tradition of choosing the best athletes.

Every year they met and made a choice in favor of the most productive. We invite you to meet the best wrestling representatives of all time.

Rate Name Sex Birth date Location Ring names Debut
1 Stephen Farrelly M January 28, 1978 Dublin, Ireland Sheamus, Galldubh, King Sheamus May 2022
2 Fergal Devitt M July 25, 1981 County Wicklow Finn Balor, Prince Devitt, Pegasus Kid November 2001
3 Rebecca Quin F January 30, 1987 Limerick Becky Lynch, Rebecca Knox, Comeera November 2022
4 Velvet McIntyre F November 24, 1962 Dublin, Ireland Velvet McIntyre 1980
5 Danno O’Mahony M September 9, 1912 County Cork Danno O’Mahony 1934
6 David John Finlay Jr. M January 31, 1958 County Antrim Fit Finlay, Young Apollo 1974
7 Ivor Anthony Patrick Barrett M March 11, 1936 Dublin, Ireland Pat Barrett, Paddy Barrett, Ivor Barrett 1960
8 Jordan Devlin M March 15, 1990 County Wicklow Aguila Artois, Aguila II 2006
9 Damian Mackle M February 20, 1985 Belfast Big Damo, Damian O’Connor 2005
10 Aoife Cusack F October 23, 1996 Dublin, Ireland Lady Valkyrie, Lyra Valkyria 2015


The list is endless. Ireland is very rich in talented people. So it was 100 years ago. This continues even now.

Modern top athletes’ rating

Modern time gives more and more opportunities and spectacular events. Wrestling is replenished with talented people every season. They immediately win the hearts of the public. Not even one season passes, as newcomers get into the ratings.

Sponsors and fans will not have time to follow all the changes and trends. Quite recently, the rating of new stars was published. Let’s take a closer look at them and their characteristics. The top-5 rate looks like this:

Sportsman Age Origin
Paul “Tucker” Gallagher 32 y.o. Belfast
Fit Finlay 64 y.o. Dublin, Ireland
Aoife Valkyrie 26 y.o. Dublin
Velvet McIntyre 60 y.o. Dublin, Ireland
Killian Dain 37 y.o. Belfast


It is not difficult to notice the different ages of the winners. You may be surprised – modern times and age over 60 years. Nothing unusual. Just athletes are still alive in the hearts of fans and spectators. Glory is infinite and immortal.

Wrestler stats speak for themselves

The best indicator is data. Statistics describe an athlete from any field best. You may not know his appearance and preferences. Knowing the statistics is a must. The best wrestlers of modern times proudly present their statistics.

Sportsman Current total rate Match number Wins/% Losses/% Draws/% Winning % by years
2019 2020 2021 2022
Paul “Tucker” Gallagher 8.62 1880 1118/59.5 710/37.8 52/2.8 39.8 93.5 77.3 90.5
Fit Finlay 8.29 1612 737/45.7 766/47.5 109/6.8 55.0 58.6 78.9 69.4
Aoife Valkyrie 8.86 933 603/64.6 310/33.2 20/2.1 80.4 96.4 71.8 64.2
Velvet McIntyre 8.80 544 282/51.8 258/47.6 4/0.7 52.9 76.7 85.7 63.3
Killian Dain 8.95 755 372/49.3 354/46.9 29/3.8 51.1 64.4 47.2 49


What statistics teach us

Analysis of statistical indicators always demonstrates a qualitative result. After estimating the average number of wins, losses, and draws, we draw sober conclusions. Looking at the table, we notice some patterns.

Almost half of the total are winning fights. A draw is rare. 2020, despite the global pandemic, turned out to be a successful year for everyone. 2022 – on the contrary, turned out to be a failure for many.

The top 3 had the most meetings. Despite all the failures, the best athletes will make fans pleased with the results. In the new season of 2023, we expect new achievements and surprises from Ireland.