Captain Rooney


WEIGHT: 250 lbs

HOMETOWN: Justice City

SIG. MOVES: Stunner, Blue Sky On Mars

Hailing from Justice City, Captain Rooney is a hero to all and a unstoppable force to his opponents. Many have tried to steal a victory from the Captain but he insists that cheaters are chickens and good always wins. He helps the helpless, defends the defenseless and fights for those that can not fight for themselves. However, Captain Rooney does not fight for reward, riches or glory. No! Captain Rooney fights... for Justice!


HEIGHT: 5'11

WEIGHT: 225 lbs

HOMETOWN: Newry, Down

SIG. MOVES: Spear, Irish Cloverleaf

When the clouds part and a full moon fills the night sky, a howl can be heard. However, its not a wolf on the hunt because the hunt is already over as every opponent of the 'Black Heart Warrior' Mandrake howls in pain. Mandrake is the longest reigning IWW International Heavyweight Champion in history and a former Zero Gravity Champion. Many have challenged Mandrake but they all became 'just another victim'.

TJ Meehan

HEIGHT: 5'10

WEIGHT: 230 lbs

HOMETOWN: Clara, Offaly

SIG. MOVES: F5, CannonBall

There is only one word that can truly describe perhaps the strongest man ever in IWW. Powerhouse. The former 6 time World and European Power Lifting Champion uses an arsenal of moves that proves his sheer brute strength yet is a deceptively agile and quick competitor. This is a wrestler not to take lightly or you may find yourself in a world of pain. So let me ask you something? Is anyone strong enough to bring down the Powerhouse?

Soultaker Salem


WEIGHT: 260 lbs

HOMETOWN: Devils Bit

SIG. MOVES: Chokeslam, Side Walk Slam

If you don't know what fear is, then you haven't met Soultaker Salem. He haunts his opponent's dreams and turns their reality into a nightmare. With his thunderous chokeslam, he tries to slam his opponents 6 feet into the ground. However, for Soultaker's opponents he doesn't try to send a shiver down their spine. He tries to break it! You might be able to save your career but chances are you can't save your soul.

The Galway Grappler Noah Jones


WEIGHT: 200 lbs

HOMETOWN: Galway City, Galway

SIG. MOVES: Facebuster, Galway Crab

He calls Galway home now but Noah Jones is a well traveled wrestler. Trained in Canada by wrestling legend Lance Storm, this proud Galwegian never forgot his roots. Jones would often talk about how great Galway is thus earning the nickname 'The Galway Grappler'. Now that he has returned home, Noah Jones says he's here to show that the greatest wrestler comes from the greatest county. GALWAY!

Sir Walter Alexander


WEIGHT: 215 lbs

HOMETOWN: Dalkey, Dublin

SIG. MOVES: Rolling Cutter, Double Arm Suplex

Although he may have a number of servants to help keep the inside of the Alexander Manor tidy, when it comes to inside the wrestling ring, Sir Walter Alexander doesn't need any help. He claims he is above, as he puts it, 'the peasants' he wrestles against. Sir Walter Alexander demands respect and says any opponent that decides to not to show him the respect he believes he deserves, shall bow down before him.

Mortis The Clown

HEIGHT: 5'11

WEIGHT: 245 lbs

HOMETOWN: The Funhouse

SIG. MOVES: Muscle Buster, The Side Splitter

Mortis is no ordinary clown. Clowns are usually known for being happy, cheerful and putting smiles on children's faces. Except Mortis is known for being sick, twisted and causing tears to run down children's faces. When the one man horror show steps in the ring, he twists his opponents bodies like they are balloon animals. So come one, come all, to the scariest show pf them all. Mortis The Clown.

Skaterboy Jeebus


WEIGHT: 190 lbs

HOMETOWN: Dundalk, Louth

SIG. MOVES: Nose Blunt, Christ Air Splash

With his highflying, death defying, heart stopping, jaw dropping, aireal insanity style, Skaterboy Jeebus is ready to kick flick his opponents right in the face. Skaterboy Jeebus' crazy dives are simply 'diamondz' (skater term for perfectly executed) as he flies through the sky. Jeebus is the youngest and longest reigning Zero Gravity Champion in IWW history and is re-defining what the divsion is all about.

Cambo Cray


WEIGHT: 190 lbs

HOMETOWN: Letterkenny, Donegal

SIG. MOVES: Cambo Clutch, Camcussion

Cambo Cray has one objective. To hit you harder than you have ever been hit before in your entire life. With over 10 years of Mixed Martial Arts experience, Cray is an expert when it comes to vicious strikes and excruciating submission holds. His technical style of wrestling may not exactly match his crazed personality but the combination of his style and mentality adds up to one very dangerous fighter.

Eamon D'Arcy
Eamon D'Arcy


SIG. MOVES: The D'Arcy Shuffle

Eamon D'arcy is one of IWW's longest serving members. For many years now he he has mastered the mic and has introduced many of IWW's most memorbale matches. His trademark voice and his famous dance, The D'arcy Shuffle, ignites excitement in the fans in attendence. He has interviewed some of pro wrestling's biggest stars asking them the questions that matter but he has only one question for you when you attend a live IWW show and that is 'Are you ready for some wrestling?'

Simon Rochford
Simon Rochford



In the past, except for some occasional touring groups from the UK & US, there were no wrestling promotions in Ireland. Simon Rochford, a life long wrestling fan, decided to form IWW in January 2002. He planned to establish an all Irish talent promotion that would tour on a national level. After much success, IWW became a household name in the wrestling industry within Ireland & Europe, booking wrestlers from every continent to compete against home grown Irish talent. Due to his determination and foresight, IWW has become an internationally known powerhouse.